Premium WordPress Themes

Gecodigital themes help you create beautifully responsive WordPress sites, faster and easier than ever before.


All themes are adapted automatically to the resolution of the devices, for example smartphones and tablets.

Rtl Language Support

The theme style adjusts according to browser language.


The themes are translated into English but through the .po files within are easily translatable into any language.

Quick Support

We believe support is just as important as the product itself. Contact us for any problem.

Easy to Customize

Through the settings within the theme you can make unique your site, without the need to use code.

Lightweight Code

All themes are subjected to thorough analysis and are always updated to eliminate bugs and speed up the loading of the elements.

Widget & Shortcode

To expand the functions of the themes are designed widget and shortcode inside the Premium WordPress Themes.

No Frameworks

We believe additional theme frameworks are unnecessary. Our themes can be freely modified without being confined by the limitations of a framework.

Customizer Options

No more bloated options panels! Our theme options are accessed within the native WordPress Customizer for a simple setup process as WordPress intended.